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"Share your knowledge. It's a way to achieve immortality".
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Hi and Welcome to The British School of Body Piercing.

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The British School of Body Piercing was established in 2000 to improve the standards of body piercing and is rapidly becoming known for its professional approach and high standards in the training of future Body Piercers. We are not selling worthless pieces of paper but a body piercing course.

Body Piercing is becoming a very lucrative market and because of its unregulation, there are countless cowboys peddling courses for one thing and one thing only - money!!

Some of these courses last for just one day and cost around 400.00, but you just cannot possibly learn body piercing in such a short time. Others can cost thousands for a week, are in large groups and they make a point of saying that you may not have an opportunity of performing any body piercing during the course, which defeats the object. Others teach you to use ear piercing guns on parts of the body where only a needle should be used and still others teach Body Piercing by distance learning. Just how can you learn Piercing by watching DVD's and left to your own devices? You cannot! You need an experienced Body Piercer teaching you in a structured way and no amount of other so-called teaching methods and materials could possibly work. Can you learn to drive a car by distance learning? The list goes on and on.

Our courses are run by body piercing enthusiasts who care about the industry and believe that piercees deserve more than they are currently receiving. There are lots of extremely good piercers out there, but equally there are many many more who take short cuts and offer an inferior service. So make a difference, don't be a mediocre piercer but become a brilliant one with virtually 100% accuracy every time. Let's make body piercing into the professional industry that it deserves.

Your training will be taught by the founder of the school and the British Body Piercing Association who does consultancy for various UK Government departments, Solicitors and Body Piercing Professionals.

Most trainees do not have any experience, though many are in to body piercing. We have also trained experienced body piercers and even Dentists and Nurses and those from the beauty profession. A scientific approach has been formulated and this linked with the correct use of all equipment allows for precision piercing. The course has been designed to give a good grounding so creating firm foundations to enter the industry.

Meet the Team:

Keith Fakenbridge HND BA(Hons)
Founder of The British Body Piercing Association and Director of the School.
With his considerable Body Piercing knowledge, coupled with previous teaching experience and being self-employed for 23 years, is the primary tutor for the above the waist Body Piercing Course and the extended version.

Stewart Hirst F.B.B.P.A.
He comes from a medical background as a rapid response Paramedic. With his knowledge of anatomy and physiology, coupled with his Body Piercing experience, is the teacher of the Genital Piercing Course.

John Morrison F.B.B.P.A. has been a practicing Body Piercer for a number of years and has represented The British Body Piercing Association on radio.

Jim McCann F.B.B.P.A. has also been practicing Body Piercing for a number of years and is involved in educating the general public.

Jean Dobson is our invincible Admin lady.

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